Phu Quoc informations

Phu Quoc is part of the Kien Giang biosphere reserve, a protected world heritage site recognized by UNESCO.

Over 50 percent of 574 square kilometer island is a protected National Park.

Phu Quoc is surrounded by fringing reefs, which are home to variety of tropical fish and coral life.

Phu Quoc island National Park features diverse landscapes, lush forests, beachs, and rugged moutains.

10.2289°N, 103.9572°E are the exact coordinates of the island.

Rich in biodiversity, Phu Quoc has 265 species of animals and 1,164 species of plants.

Chua mount is the highest point at 603m over 50% of Phu Quoc is a National Park 500ha Safari Zoo.

Phu Quoc is located 45km from mainland vietnam & only 4 km from Combodia, 48km from North to South, 28km wide.

The economic capitals is Duong Dong,phu quoc airport is the vietnam's 5th largest international airport, 4 airlines fly 177 times per week from either Ho chi minh city, hanoi, cantho, singapore, or siem reap.

Currency is VND, average temperature is 27°C and 80°F.

Special economic zone 30 day visa exemption.

Time difference UTC/GMT + 7 Hours.

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